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Look at the Bright Side

Want a long and healthy life? Strive to see the good in it.

Studies have shown that actively cultivating positive thoughts may actually improve health and longevity by lowering blood pressure and sugar levels, controlling weight and preventing heart disease.

Some people who practice positivity even when faced with a serious illness tend to have better quality of life. “Fostering positive emotions helped make my life the best it could be,” Dr. Wendy Schlessel Harpham, a practicing internist, said. Dr. Harpham has gone through fifteen years of treatments for eight cancer relapses. She said that positive thinking made the tough times easier. She is now in remission for twelve years.

New research is demonstrating that people can learn how to help themselves experience more positive emotions when faced with severe stress by doing the following activities regularly: 

1. Recognize a positive event each day and log it on a journal or tell someone about it.
2. Set an attainable goal and write down your progress.
3. Practice small acts of kindness every day
4. When faced with a minor stress, list ways to positively reappraise the event
5. Practice mindfulness

Need a good, low-cost way to improve your health? Try positivity today.