New Treatment Offered at Dolson Avenue Medical

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People with certain types of injuries now have a safe and effective alternative to pain medications and surgery.

The first batch of patients arrived on August 16 to receive Regenerative and Restorative Medicine here at Dolson Avenue Medical.

Regenerative & Restorative Medicine is a treatment that uses the person’s own cells to repair damaged tissues. Previously reserved to professional athletes like Derek Jeter, Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant, regenerative medicine is fast becoming the treatment of choice for injuries such as muscle tears, ligament sprains, intervertebral disc problems and osteoarthritis because it is minimally invasive and has little to no side-effects.

“I can feel the difference in my arm, even right now. I don’t have that pain that I was having every time I was moving,” said Diane, who received this treatment for her shoulder injury.

Previously, Diane was told by an orthopedist that she needed to have surgery, but Diane wanted to explore alternatives. She came to Dolson Avenue Medical and, after her consultation, was given the option to receive regenerative and restorative medicine. She agreed to the procedure and is satisfied with the results.

“I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about doing this, to do it. It’s worth it,” Diane said. Watch Diane’s testimonial here.

Call 845-342-0000 to see if regenerative & restorative medicine is right for you.