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8 Things Being Dehydrated Does to Your Body

How often do you reach for water? Many people are dehydrated without even knowing it, as coffee, tea, juice, and soda can all trick us into thinking we’re not thirsty.

Americans are drinking more water than ever, but if you haven’t jumped on board that trend yet, there’s good reason to. Being dehydrated is doing worse things to your body then you might think.

1. Gives you headaches.

If you get frequent headaches, dehydration is probably to blame. Try reaching for a bottle of water before you reach for pain pills. You might just be surprised by how quickly it clears up.

2. Reduces mental clarity.

Trouble concentrating? Struggling with memory issues? Dehydration could be the culprit.

When most people feel this way they reach for a cup of coffee. But just try reaching for water instead, and see what happens. Coffee can make matters worse by setting you up for a bigger crash later.

3. Makes you tired.

Feel tired all the time? The culprit might not be stress, blue screens, or anything other than a lack of water in your body. Fatigue is one of the earliest signs of dehydration.

Of course, consuming a steady stream of caffeinated and sugary drinks instead of water takes its toll in other ways. Caffeine stays in your system for up to 12 hours, which means if you drink it in the afternoon you’re setting yourself up for an evening of insomnia, or at least poor sleep quality. It becomes a vicious cycle.

6. Ruins your skin.

The beauty industry makes millions of dollars trying to sell you serums, lotions, and potions to help you look younger.

But if you want to prevent wrinkles you need to make sure your skin’s collagen receives water. Otherwise it will break down, causing wrinkles. Wrinkles form more easily in dry, cracked skin, too.

Drink enough water and you might find the only real product you need is a really good sunscreen.

6. Makes you gain weight.

Did you know every soda you drink adds 300 calories to your diet? Drink just one soda a day and you’ve added 2,100 per week.

Then there’s water itself, which makes you feel full. Indeed, dehydration signals are often mistaken for hunger signals.

This New Year’s you may not need to make resolutions about cutting desert, changing up portion sizes, or heading to the gym more. You may just need to make a commitment to replace every soda you drink with a glass of water. You might find yourself dropping weight as never before, and keeping it off.

7. Messes with your mental health.

Dehydration has been linked to depression. Of course, the cause might not be direct. Anyone would feel depressed when they’re overweight, exhausted, having trouble concentrating and in pain all the time!

Either way, if you find you’re struggling with your mood you might find water more helpful than you could possibly have imagined.

8. Messes with your organs.

Your kidneys, large intestine, heart, and other organs all need water to function correctly. Is it any wonder failing to drink enough of it leads to chronic, perhaps even life threatening illnesses?

Give your body what it needs, live a better life!

If you don’t love the taste of water, add a little fruit. Drink sparkling water if you miss the feeling of soda in your hand. If you simply forget, think about carrying a full water bottle with you all day long. Whatever you do, make water a habit!

You might just change your life.