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Acupuncture care is all about promoting wellness. This can take place in a number of different stages depending on your state of being when first contacting the acupuncturist for treatment. If you are injured or ill, you’ll need to undergo all stages of treatment in order to receive the most help. But if you’re already on the road to recovery, wellness will come to you a lot quicker.

There are three main stages of care for acupuncture services. We will take a look at each stage and how it affects you, the patient.

What Is the First Stage of Acupuncture Care?

The first stage is also known as the initial intensive care stage. This phase is specifically designed to eliminate or reduce pain and discomfort. It will help stabilize the body in the quickest period of time. During the first phase, you will need to undergo frequent treatments with the acupuncturist. The repeated visits are necessary in order to help remove unwanted symptoms as they slowly reduce through recurring acupuncture care.

What Is the Second Stage of Acupuncture Care?

Now that the initial stages of treatments are through, the acupuncturist can begin rehabilitative care. The overall objective of this phase is to correct any chronic issues, and it will also help improve spinal function, strengthen muscles and heal organ and tissue systems.

At this point, regular visits to the acupuncturist will reduce and the frequency of care will be much less. You will supplement the lack of acupuncture care with lifestyle modification, exercise and new habits.

Fair warning: people come to the acupuncturist to reverse conditions that literally took years to develop. This is not an overnight, one size fits all, instant gratification type of treatment if you are coming with a condition that has been present for months or years. It takes a while to undo all of the damage, so regular care and visits to the acupuncturist are necessary in order to achieve the ideal result.

What Is the Third Stage of Acupuncture Care?

We finally reached the third stage – otherwise known as the wellness and maintenance stage. At this time, your overall function and health should have improved tremendously. You will visit the acupuncturist periodically in order to maintain healthy function and prevent the original problem from returning again.

How Can I Maintain Health and Wellness?

Eat a healthy diet. Exercise regularly. Make regular appointments to visit the acupuncturist for treatments. This is the key to health and wellness.