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Strength Training The Right Way

You may already know strength training burns more fat than cardio. In fact, you can burn about 35% more fat with strength training than you can with aerobic exercise. It also helps build muscle, which is an essential way to…

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4 Ways to Beat the Blues

Do you suffer from depression? Pain is pain. Mental pain can lead to physical pain, and sometimes mental pain, on its own, is bad enough. And while some depression patients very much require medication, medication alone doesn’t always help. Sometimes,…

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Is Stress Keeping You Fat and Sick?

Before you try to hold yourself to a New Year’s Resolution that tells you to cut back on your favorite foods, it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether food is really the problem. Your problem might be hormonal: namely,…

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How Your Emotions Impact Your Health

Wise people have known about the mind-body connection for centuries. While an “apple a day” might keep the doctor away, a smile a day might do just as well. Mainstream medicine, by contrast, is only now starting to not only…

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How to Win With New Year’s Resolutions

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season, but soon enough the parties and gift-giving will be over. If you’re like most people, sooner or later you are going to turn your mind towards the prospect of making some…

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8 Things Being Dehydrated Does to Your Body

How often do you reach for water? Many people are dehydrated without even knowing it, as coffee, tea, juice, and soda can all trick us into thinking we’re not thirsty. Americans are drinking more water than ever, but if you…

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Ergonomics Alone Won’t Keep You Healthy

You may have heard ergonomics will help you maintain better posture, avoid repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, and maintain your health in general. You may also have heard of solutions like standing desks to combat all the negative…

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How to Manage Holiday Stress

Is it the “most wonderful time of the year” or the most stressful time of the year? If it’s the latter for you, you’re not alone. Even if you love the holidays, they can be immensely stressful. This stress comes…

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