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Chiropractic Care Increases Reaction Times

Are you an athlete, or someone who leads an active lifestyle? If so, reaction times and reflexes are an important part of your training. It’s not a topic that gets a lot of press. Most people are talking about building…

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5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Energy

Exhaustion is one of America’s top health complaints. It works hand-in-hand with pain to reduce your productivity and quality of life. And there are a few solutions to your fatigue troubles that you might not have thought them. Try them…

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7 Benefits of Avocados

Stop feeling guilty about your avocado toast! Avocados are an outstanding addition to any diet. They’re a source of healthy fats, and they carry lots of other benefits, too. 1. They keep you full. Avocados contain oleic acid, which sends…

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Can’t Focus? Here’s How to Sharpen Your Mind

Do you stumble through your day like a zombie, unable to think or focus? You’re not alone. Many Americans complain of fatigue and focus problems which cut into their productivity. The good news? It’s possible to sharpen your mind with…

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Strength Training The Right Way

You may already know strength training burns more fat than cardio. In fact, you can burn about 35% more fat with strength training than you can with aerobic exercise. It also helps build muscle, which is an essential way to…

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4 Ways to Beat the Blues

Do you suffer from depression? Pain is pain. Mental pain can lead to physical pain, and sometimes mental pain, on its own, is bad enough. And while some depression patients very much require medication, medication alone doesn’t always help. Sometimes,…

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Is Stress Keeping You Fat and Sick?

Before you try to hold yourself to a New Year’s Resolution that tells you to cut back on your favorite foods, it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether food is really the problem. Your problem might be hormonal: namely,…

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