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3 Steps to Making Lifestyle Changes You’ll Actually Stick With

“I’ll go on that diet someday.” “I’ll get into the gym sooner or later.” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” No matter what your vice, there’s probably some habit you’ve got going on that’s less than optimal for your health. You…

The Truth About Health Problems

Health problems are one of the most misunderstood issues in America today. People don’t understand how they arise, and for the most part they definitely don’t understand how to deal with them. Here’s truth #1. There are only three types…

5 Reasons You Need to Get More Zinc in Your Diet

If you’re like most of our patients you don’t think very much about zinc. As a trace element, it’s not a nutrient which gets a lot of attention. But zinc is vital to helping over 300 enzymes perform their proper…

Having Purpose Boosts Longevity


Research published in Psychology Science, journal of the Association for Psychological Science, suggests that having a sense of purpose in life, no matter what your age, may help you live longer. “Our findings point to the fact that finding a…

Increasing Your Ability and Potential

I was recently asked by patient what do I like most about being a chiropractor.  Basically the patient was asking me what my purpose was. I thought for a minute about what I do and realized that what I do…

Wellness Workshop at the Pain Relief & Wellness Center


Last night over a dozen people attended a seminar from our Wellness Workshop Series. These are informational and educational workshops provided by the Pain Relief & Wellness Center on a monthly basis. It was fun and formative and got people…

Pain Relief & Wellness Center at the Annual Run 4 Downtown Middletown


On August 18 the team at the Pain Relief & Wellness Center participated in the 12th Annual Run 4 Downtown Middletown. The funds from this event go towards the revitalization of our historic downtown area. Dr. Spina hits the trail!…

What to Do Immediately After a Slip and Fall Accident


Over 240,000 Americans end up in some sort of slip and fall accident every year. They happen on the job, at home, and while you’re out and about. They sound like they’re minor events until someone actually goes through one.…

Your Pain Relief & Wellness Team at National Night Out


The Pain Relief & Wellness Team headed to Little League Park this month to join the 10th Annual National Night Out Against Crime in Wallkill, and we had a blast. We served as one of the sponsors for this event.…

Add a Little Sunshine to Your Life: The Benefits of Vitamin D


Feeling worn out and achy? Get sick all the time, heal slow when you get wounded, and struggle to maintain a healthy weight? You might have a Vitamin D deficiency. Nearly 42% of our population does not get enough Vitamin…

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