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Carpal Tunnel

Let’s face it. If you are living with carpal time syndrome you are experiencing pain and numbness on an almost constant basis. The numbness makes it difficult to type, pick things up; make a fist and so much more. This condition can be quite debilitating for those suffering with it.

But it doesn’t need to ruin your life. A qualified chiropractor can help treat carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and help remove the tingling and numbness. This treatment is perfect for those struggling with the condition.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

For the most part, this condition is diagnosed as a repetitive stress injury. It’s typically caused by repeating the same type of motion over and over again. Assembly-line work is one of the main jobs that can cause this. Typing is another repetitive skill that can cause injury and pain over time.

The sooner that this condition is caught and diagnosed, the better off you are. The chiropractor will be able to implement a specific treatment that will help alleviate your pain by relieving the pressure on the nerves in the carpal tunnel in the wrist.

In most instances, the repetitive motion is responsible for causing swelling and increased pressure in the carpal tunnel of the wrist, rather than actually wearing out the joint, which is more common with hip and knee pain, where osteoarthritis is to blame.

How Will a Chiropractor Diagnose and Treat CTS?

First, when it comes to diagnostics the chiropractor will perform a physical examination to assess the carpal tunnel area. They may also perform an x-ray. This will help establish if the person suffering is actually experiencing CTS. Other portions of the nerve pathway may also be examined, including the neck, shoulder and elbow.

Next comes the treatment portion of the program. The chiropractor can treat this condition in a number of different ways. Ultimately, the care may involve a spinal adjustment, wrist and elbow adjustment or using controlled pressure on the injured joint.

Not only that, but a cold compress is often used to help reduce inflammation. And the chiropractor will recommend certain exercises that can help alleviate the throbbing and numbness. Additionally, the doctor may recommend immobilizing the wrist by wearing a brace.

Are There Specific Chiropractic Treatments That Are Good for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Yes. Occasionally misalignment of the spine will also contribute to CTS and is often overlooked by other medical specialists, who only focus on treating the symptoms, rather than the cause of the symptoms. A compressed nerve in the spine is much more likely to swell, producing a swelling of the nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel of the wrist.

A chiropractic adjustment to relieve pressure on the nerve in the neck can reduce swelling of the nerve, allowing the nerve to return to its normal size, thus relieving pressure in the wrist.

Chiropractic options should be explored before surgery, as carpal tunnel surgery produces scar tissue buildup in the carpal tunnel, which can result in further compression of the nerves and this may lead to further surgeries.

To determine the best course of treatment, you will need to start by making a chiropractic appointment to get an accurate diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made, your chiropractor will be able to put together a treatment plan created to specifically meet your needs.