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Hip & Leg Pain

There are a number of reasons why people might suffer from hip and leg pain. One possibility is that your hip joints are experiencing osteoarthritis. This is a painful condition that can severely limit your mobility and activities. Left untreated, it is a condition that can require hip replacement surgery.

Quality chiropractic treatment can help with most types of hip and leg pain that you might experience. It’s certainly possible to relieve the pain and get your life back once again.

Let’s take a look at the main questions and answers that people often ask in regards to leg and hip pain and how chiropractic treatment can help.

What Are the Main Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Hip?

The symptoms of this particular condition can vary. For starters, the first symptom that one might experience would be stiffness or discomfort in the area of the thigh, groin or buttock. This physical symptom will often flare-up immediately after waking up first thing in the morning.

But it doesn’t end there, unfortunately. For many, the pain will increase and spread to the side of the hip and make its way into the groin. The pain will also find its way down the front of your thigh, and it can even work its way into the knee joint.

For the most part, the ache will be a lot worse when you are participating in certain activities like walking and heavy lifting. The sting can also be a lot worse during the cold weather months. Like shoulder pain, hip pain can also significantly reduce range of motion in activities of daily living.

Can a Chiropractor Reverse Osteoarthritis?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for a chiropractor to change or reverse this condition once it has advanced to the point of joint destruction, which is why it is extremely important to seek treatment at the earliest signs of a hip problem.

If caught in time, a chiropractor may be able to address the cause of the hip problem, which very well may originate in the lower back, but may also be directly related to a problem with the lower extremity.

When the condition is advanced, a chiropractor can help with pain management. Their treatment will help you keep the pain at bay, and it can also help you avoid disability. The treatment may stop the progression of this disease, delay potential surgery, and it could possibly even help you avoid it altogether.

Ultimately, the chiropractor will perform a full and thorough examination. He or she will examine the hip joint, knee joints, ankle, foot and back to try and help determine the problem.

After the examination is through, the doctor of chiropractic can then come up with a plan for treatment. This will help eradicate the pain experienced due to hip and leg problems and can help to put an end to the osteoarthritis pain altogether.


How Will Chiropractic Treatment Help?

There are two main goals of this particular type of treatment. The first is to help reduce inflammation. The second is to help improve movement in the hip and leg joints. Not only that, but the treatment will help strengthen the weakened muscles and it can also help eliminate any painful muscle spasms that you might be experiencing.

If there is a structural misalignment of the spine, hip, knee or ankle, this can quickly accelerate the wearing out of the hip joint, similar to wearing out the tire on your car when a wheel is misaligned.

When caught in time, proper treatment can help you feel good again. So it’s highly recommended that you make an appointment right away to get help with this unwanted condition.