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Increasing Your Ability and Potential

I was recently asked by patient what do I like most about being a chiropractor.  Basically the patient was asking me what my purpose was. I thought for a minute about what I do and realized that what I do on a daily basis is I increase people’s ability and potential. Let chiropractic-spina-jayme explain this some more.

Patients come into my office in pain and have an inability to do certain things in their life. Whether it is going to work, bending down, playing with their children, be more active by  getting involved in sports or any other thing they might wish to do but are unable to do. I have found that once a person is in pain and has the inability to do something,  this then motivates them to fix their Unwanted Health Condition.   This condition, now being a problem, is limiting their  ability to live life, be active and participate in life. Therefore their ability to live life and their potential to do things is lessened.

So now that I understand my purpose in helping people and patients better,  it is easier for me to accomplish that goal and purpose of helping others.  It is my goal to assist people in reaching their goals.   By helping the patients accomplish their goals, I can help them increase their potential to live a better, healthier, happier and more active life.

I have isolated my purpose and goal to assisting patients in increasing their ability and potential.  Knowing this makes me feel happy that I can help others live a better, healthier more active life.  This is accomplished by having the patients have better strength, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and well-being.  All of these things comprise a healthy individual and a life full of wellness.  Health is not merely the absence of pain, but having all  parts of the body functioning together in harmony.

That is my wish for you and your family… health and wellness for the new year. I Look forward to helping you.