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Muscle Pain

Massage therapists regularly see patients who are in need of help with muscle pain and tension. The training that they undergo is ideal for helping people with these types of issues.

When pain occurs, muscles typically tend to spasm. But muscle pain is not necessarily the primary problem, so the massage therapist will have to determine the cause of the pain in order to help you to experience a speedy recovery.

The human body has about 600 muscles and this makes up roughly 60% to 70% of human body weight. That’s why it’s no major surprise that people often find muscles as a source of pain.

What Happens When a Person Experiences a Muscle Injury?

After a muscle is injured, a trigger point could potentially form. A trigger point is a small area on the muscle that can trigger chronic pain many years after the original injury. It can also be a reason why people might experience muscle stiffness years after an injury has occurred.

Do not mistake a trigger point for scar tissue. That is not the case. It happens to be an area of the muscle that experiences increased sensitivity. If you were to apply pressure to the trigger point, the muscle would begin to experience pain. This is otherwise known as referred pain.

What Are the Main Causes of a Trigger Point?

When a muscle injury causes pain, this activates the spinal reflex mechanism. It will cause a decrease in blood flow due to a localized muscle spasm. It will also cause the muscle to accumulate tissue damage byproducts. Adhesions will form in the muscle fibers, and this is what causes the formation of a trigger point.

A trigger point will last for a long time after the initial muscle pain and tension from the injury.

For the most part, trigger points happen due to trauma or overuse. The causes are:

  • Acute trigger points happen when the muscle is suddenly overloaded due to carrying an unexpected weight.
  • The trigger point can be gradual and build up due to chronic abuse of the muscle. This could happen from repetitive strains, like hunching your shoulders, typing or posture problems.
  • Trigger points develop due to prolonged muscle tension.

In order to properly treat these conditions, contact a massage therapist today and begin treatment to deal with the issue.