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Range of Motion

Our bodies are connected around a bony skeleton with roughly 206 bones. These bones are joined to one and other either individually or as groups. Skeletal muscles are attached to two bones that are joined through one or more joints. When these muscles contract by crossing their respective joints, it helps to power the movement of the bones. When the muscles become tense due to any kind of stress or injury, they don’t contract properly as to assist the movement of the bones. This reduces the potential of the joints.

Muscles injuries are quite common today that it was two decades ago. This is not because today’s people are exercising harder than in the past. It is really because we are more sedentary than our ancestors. As we age with our sedentary lives, out joints tend to tighten even further. This would eventually make flexibility and the range of motion of the joints more restricted than ever. This condition has become quite a problem in the medical industry nowadays. There are more and more people suffering from range of motion conditions like never before in the past. Mainstream medicine hasn’t been effective in treating this condition successfully. The only thing that could be done is to treat the pain associated with the condition with painkillers. It may relieve the pain associated with the condition to some extent, but it will not cure the range of motion issue completely. This is where massage therapy has been found to be highly effective.

Massage therapy will relax the skeletal muscles and allow them to elongate effectively. As the muscle pair loosen up, there would be more potential range of motion in the joints. Massage therapy will work on the muscles, tendons, connective tissues, joints and ligaments and improve the flexibility and range of motion. This will keep your joints more fluid, thereby making them less injury prone. Massage will also enhance circulation and blood flow, which will help to improve flexibility of the muscle groups and joints. Full-body therapeutic massage is helpful to address muscle tension of a wide area within the body. This will result in overall suppleness, ease and flexibility after such a session.

A recently published scientific study showed that a brief massage of 10-30 seconds to the musculo-tendonous junction of the hamstrings for in the researched subjects, would increase the hip flexion range of motion of the subjects significantly. The results were stated as a 5.9% success rate for a 10-second massage, and a 7.2% success rate for a 30-second massage. This shows how important massage therapy is to improve range of motion issues.

Incorporating stretching and massage therapy into a fitness regime will help to reduce muscle soreness after a strenuous workout. Stretching will help to reduce the lactic acid buildup in your blood, which will enhance the range of motion of the joints. Massage and stretching should go hand in hand for effective benefits and improvements to the range of motion of the joints.