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Elbow Injuries

When suffering from elbow pain, physical therapy is the perfect treatment choice. This method of treatment has been proven to be effective and safe, and it does not require any medication or surgery.

When it comes to elbow pain, this healing method will do more than just alleviate the symptoms. It will restore the structural components, including the skeleton and muscles, which are causing the problem in the first place.

What Causes Elbow Pain?

One of the most common sports related injuries to the elbow is tendonitis, or tennis elbow, as it is called. Tennis elbow can cause weakness in the wrists, pain on the outside of the elbow when the hand is bent back (extended) at the wrist against resistance or when trying to straighten the fingers against resistance. Tennis elbow is caused by the overuse or repetitive strain caused by repeated extension of the wrist against resistance.

Your elbow is a very complex joint, designed for a wide range of motions. This is the meeting place of three of your bones. It is composed of both a ball and socket joint and a hinge joint.

This is a complex system that involves muscles, ligaments and bones all meeting in the same place. Range of motion can be negatively affected when someone is experiencing elbow pain, and constant overuse can contribute to inflammation and irritation, which ultimately are two of the biggest reasons why people experience pain in the elbow. Other than that, infection, degenerative diseases can also play a role in contributing to the pain, as well.

What Are the Most Common Elbow Related Pains?

·        Tennis elbow – this particular type of pain is like a soreness that one will feel on the outside of their elbow. It’s a form of tendinitis, and it happens because the person suffering will experience damage to the tendons and muscles connecting the forearm muscles to the elbow joint. The pain usually starts out small enough, but then it will increase over time. A physical therapist can help alleviate this problem altogether. Rest, ice, exercise and cross friction massage also help.

·        Posterior tennis elbow – another name for this condition is posterior elbow tendinitis. The difference between regular tennis elbow and this type of tennis elbow is the specific joint that is affected. This type is typically affected on the back or underside of the elbow. You are at risk of posterior tennis elbow when rapidly extending your arm punching, throwing, lifting weights and serving.

·        Golfers elbow – this condition is also called medial epicondylitis. It’s very similar to tennis elbow, but there is one main difference, and that revolves of the location of the specific type of pain. This pain will take place on the inside of the elbow, not on the back or outside like tennis elbow.

Here at Dolson Avenue in Middletown NY, tennis elbow and other sports related injuries to the elbow are evaluated with a physical examination, x-rays or an MRI. Once the severity of the injury is determined, a course of treatment will be prescribed with may include physical therapy, and strengthening exercises.