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Post-Operative Recovery

Post-operative recovery is an essential part of surgical treatment and can be a major factor in the results of an orthopedic surgery. After surgery, your surgeon will typically prescribe the physical therapy needed to help you regain full function, strength and mobility.

The physical therapist can help relieve pain, swelling and stiffness, as well as prevent unwanted scar tissue build-up. Therefore it is important to listen to your doctor and follow his or her postoperative treatment recommendations.

How Can a Physical Therapist Help a Patient After an Operation?

One of the main issues that people experience after an operation is loss of mobility. They have to rest, relax and heal in order to experience the benefits of the treatment that they just underwent. However, the sooner that the area is mobilized and strengthened, the better the healing will be.

This is where physical therapy is most important. The exercises employed by the physical therapist will free up blood flow, relieve tension on certain muscles, cut down on muscle spasms and ultimately intensify the healing process.

What Happens When Visiting the Physical Therapist for Post-operative Recovery?

The physical therapist may have a prescription from the referring surgeon. But usually the PT is still going to want to perform a thorough evaluation. He or she is going to want to know about your surgery and history leading up to the surgery.

They will thoroughly evaluate your body in the area where the surgery was performed to find out what they can do to help expedite your recovery. Then the physical therapist will put together a treatment plan.

It’s definitely in your best interest to visit a physical therapist after surgery. It could be the difference between being laid up for weeks or months. You have things to do just like everybody else, so having a physical therapist shave time off of your recovery is always an excellent benefit.

To learn more, please contact our office about post-operative physical therapy today to find out your treatment choices.