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Shoulder Injuries

Injuries to the shoulder, specifically the tears of the rotator cuff, can be the result of trauma such as dislocation or fracture. However, tears of any component of the rotator cuff are often caused by over-use and wear-and-tear injuries. Any sport or activity that requires repetitive arm movement such as tennis, golf, weight lifting or even painting, can lead to a rotator cuff injury.

Shoulder Pain

A physical therapist can definitely help. They can provide an effective therapeutic approach which will reduce or eliminate the pain so that you do not have to suffer any longer.

When Should I Visit a Physical Therapist for Shoulder Bursitis?

Just like any other physical condition of this nature, you should see a physical therapist as soon as possible when experiencing pain that persists. The sooner the appropriate treatment begins, the better off you will be. You’ll feel better sooner with proper help.

Remember, as long as you are struggling with pain you will have a difficult time living a normal life. You’ll have a tough time doing the activities that you would normally do with your shoulder because the pain is holding you back.

Do you really want to live this way? In all honesty, having a physical therapist begin treatment is the smartest way to make sure that you do not continue to suffer. It’s the best way to guarantee that your condition improves.

Telltale Signs That Upper Extremity Pain Treatment Is Required

  • If you are experiencing shoulder pain for a few days or a week, this is a persistent problem and it needs to be treated.
  • Regardless of whether or not you have a history of shoulder pain, visit a physical therapist if this is a recurring condition even if it normally goes away on its own. There could be signs of a further problem that needs treatment.
  • Difficulty using your arm – if the shoulder pain is so prominent that you cannot use your arm correctly and you cannot hold things in your hand, treatment is definitely required. You should speak to a qualified physical therapist to receive a treatment plan for pain relief.
  • Swelling and bruising – are you experiencing swelling or bruising around the arm or shoulder joint? This is a serious condition and it needs correct diagnosis and treatment. Contact a physical therapist for help today.

What Treatments Are Best for Shoulder Bursitis Pain?

It’s difficult to tell you the exact treatment required to heal a shoulder injury. In truth, your best option would be to meet with a physical therapist for an assessment and consultation. Once the professional has the opportunity to look at your shoulder and determine the problem, then he or she can come up with the best treatment plan possible. This is the only way to truly determine how to treat a condition of this nature.

The physical therapist will evaluate the problem and put together a treatment plan. You will then have to follow the treatment plan in order to experience maximum relief. It will be worth your while to eliminate the stress and pain caused by your injury.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the office, there are a few things that you can do from home to help with the healing. They are:

  • Rest your shoulder– sometimes the only way to truly heal is to allow your shoulder to rest. Give it some much-needed time off and this should help give the inflammation time to subside. However, limiting your range of motion for an extended period can also lead to “frozen shoulder syndrome” which may require surgical correction.
  • Apply heat or ice – they are some of the most common ways to eliminate pain in the shoulder.
  • Stretching and exercise – stretching and exercise are a very important part of your rehabilitation.

Do not hesitate to contact a physical therapist today if you are struggling with shoulder pain. When you visit our Dolson Avenue pain relief and rehabilitation specialists with a shoulder injury, we will interview you about how the injury occurred, the level of pain you are experiencing and your medical history.

We will also perform a physical examination of the affected shoulder. The physical exam will measure your range of motion and may include an x-ray or MRI in order to determine the extent of the injury. In many cases, surgery can be avoided when a regiment of physical therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture are prescribed.