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Knee Rehabilitation

If you live an active lifestyle, suffering a knee injury can put a cramp in your style. If surgery is required then you’ll spend some time recovering and healing. In order for your surgery to be successful some follow up rehabilitation will be prescribed for your knee.

Below are a few simple tips, to help you get the most out of your therapy:

Follow Your Physical Therapist & Sports Medicine Doctor’s Advice

Chances are you want to get back to your normal routine and function that you had before your knee injury. However, the sports doctor’s prescribed rehabilitation exercises can be boring and repetitive. Despite this, its key that you stick to the knee physical therapy program as it’s been explained to you, to make sure your speedy and healthy recovery. Keep in mind that you doctor and physical therapists goal is to help you completely heal, if you don’t follow the program, this won’t happen.

Don’t Focus On a Single Muscle Group

Most people become fixated on building their quadriceps up. This is the noticeable muscle near the front of the thigh. While building strong leg muscles is important, it’s just a vital to overlook your hamstrings, that group of muscles at the back of your thigh. Both the quads and hamstrings work in unison, as quadriceps straighten your leg and hamstrings bend it.

Build Up Gradually

At first, your rehabilitation regime will use lots of reps with low resistance. This works to achieve lower resistance while reducing stress placed on the joint. This is actually quite helpful if you are post-op or suffer from arthritis.

Use the Recommended Equipment

Using the right equipment is very important when you start your knee rehabilitation as it ensures better recovery. This is true whether you are working with a therapist or are following an at-home self-directed program. This is another reason that you should listen carefully to your physical therapist and doctor on what sort of equipment you should use. You don’t need a fully equipped gym to get started. Usually just some free weights and inexpensive resistance tubing will be prescribed, as they are highly effective and easily found in sporting goods stores. However, there may be times when your therapist recommends more complex equipment. You may be required to visit a hospital run facility or local gym for these exercises. Again, please don’t engage in any strenuous activity while you’re healing without consulting with your health care adviser.

Watch Out For Pain

If you notice that your knee pain worsens or becomes swollen there may be something wrong. If it seems like your knee rehabilitate exerciser are the cause, stop immediately and contact your sports medicine doctor. While a sensation of work-out burn, tiredness, and some difficulty is normal, pain and swelling of the joints is a red flag. The entire goal of sports physical therapy is to strengthen your knee and repair injury. If you notice an increase of pain or swollen joints there may be a problem.