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Post-Surgical Rehab

After surgery, physical therapy is an important part of rehabilitation. Physical therapy techniques developed with professional and college athletes in mind have applications to help almost anyone return to an active lifestyle after surgery or injury.

Physical therapy serves to help restore your body back to pain-free functioning and restore the full range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Sports based rehabilitation techniques can help patients return to normal activities more quickly, with less related issues.

Most sports doctors will recommend some form of physical therapy for injured athletes, to get them back their earlier level of athletic function.

Sports physical therapy is a very dynamic therapeutic practice that’s been designed to treat sports related injuries and help an athlete restore mobility, in the least amount of time possible without pain or risk of further injury.

For the athletic person recovering from surgery sports focused physical therapy is very successful. These treatment techniques may include individually tailored exercise regimens, electrical stimulation, therapeutic massage, scar tissue massage, and the use of hot and cold packs. The goal of sports therapy is to relieve pain in the most non-invasive way possible, while assisting the body’s natural healing process.

This approach allows an athlete to live as active a lifestyle possible while the physical therapist monitors progress and encourages physical activity. Physical therapy is a proven method to get an athlete back in the game.

Loss of motion and stiffness are common side effects after any kind of surgery, serious illness, or injury. The sports therapist will work to help reduce post-surgery pain, while seeking to improve the patient’s range of motion and speed overall healing. The prescribed exercises are designed to incrementally build stamina and restore the ability to return to an active lifestyle.

Another part of the sport physical therapist’s job after surgery, is to help the athlete set up a preventative exercise routine to reduce the chance of further injury.

The therapist will closely monitor the athlete’s progress and give support. One area the therapist may pay attention to is the athlete’s ability to do normal tasks, as the body heals and a normal routine is re-established.

While a sports therapist can aid in the rehabilitation process, it’s important that the athlete fully participates. This means closely following the advice of a sports medicine expert and not attempting too much activity too soon. It’s vital that the athlete gives honest feedback about pain, motion impairment, and any discomfort experienced during therapy.

Physical therapy exercises are a well-established method to restore function after surgery. After any surgery, establishing some routine of physical activity is important and can help shorten total recovery time. If you are recovering from a sports injury, please take time to talk to your sports medicine doctor and physical therapist about your recovery plan. Do not attempt to create your own recovery plan or attempt strenuous activities sooner than your body is ready for.

Your physical therapist is specially trained to come up with a treatment plan and the right rehabilitation exercises.