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Shoulder Injury

One of the first things that an injured athlete wants to do is to get back into the game. However, some injuries require special treatment. These treatments are often done at a Sports Medicine Center. A Sports Medicine Center provides services such as computerized sports profile testing, return-to-sport functional testing, and post injury and post-surgical rehabilitation. The better Sports Medicine Centers are equipped with aquatic therapy and bio-mechanical sports video analysis.

The more common sports injuries can occur in the shoulder, knee or leg, head, foot or ankle, elbow, and spine. Some of these injuries can be very serious and the athlete would need to visit a Sports Medical Center to have the extent of the injury diagnosed. The better Sports Medical Centers have a team of professionals that include doctors, athletic trainers, orthopedics and sports medicine therapists, and physical therapists.

When it comes to common sports injuries in the shoulder, there are a variety of injuries that could occur. There could be strains, tears, separations, and dislocations which could require a surgical procedure. A Sports Medical Center should be able to provide an athlete with both surgery options and rehabilitation.

For example, let’s imagine that an athlete has a proximal bicep tendon rupture. The tendon as a function of attaching a muscle to a bone. The biceps muscle which is located in the upper arm splits into a long and short head near the shoulder. Both of these heads attach a different places to the shoulder. The two connections allow the muscle to stabilize the shoulder, accelerate or decelerate an athlete’s arm during any overhead motions, and help to rotate the lower arm.

Due to the many strong forces in today’s sports tendons may become torn. It also may become torn due to a constant wearing from age or from a previous injury. Some of the symptoms that will occur with a bicep tendon rupture is an audible snap, a bulge above the elbow in the upper arm, a strong pain located in the upper arm, bruising that occurs from the elbow up towards the middle of the upper arm, or a very painful and tender shoulder.

This is an injury that requires the following treatment. It requires rest, anti-inflammatory medication, exercises for strengthening the muscles, and applications of both heat and ice. If there is a complete tear of the tendon, the tendon may need to be reattached by a surgical procedure. A professional team of experts at a Sports Medical Center will be able to determine the proper rehabilitation for any injury such as a proximal bicep tendon rupture.

Today we see many athletes performing at levels that have never been seen before. The athlete of today requires a body that is properly condition and maintained. A Sports Medicine Center can offer today’s athletes with a complete range of testing and training options that will help the athlete to reach their highest level of performance. This can be done with minimal risk for injury thus providing the athlete with a plan to help him/her reach their goals.