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Sports Injuries

Athletes suffer from many different types of sports injuries that can be effectively treated by sports medicine. Whether the athlete suffers from a strained or pulled hamstring while running, a torn ligament while playing baseball, a torn muscle while lifting weights or any other type of injury, a sports medicine facility can help eliminate the pain and suffering and allow the injury to heal much faster than traditional medicine treatments.

It’s important to participate in sports and get regular exercise each and every day. That’s how people properly maintain their health. Exercise is great because it helps strengthen your joints, bones and heart and it’s also a fantastic way to reduce stress.

We want to make sure that everybody understands the benefits of sports, exercising and working out. We highly recommend it, although it’s unfortunate but injuries do take place from time to time. They quite treatable with the right care.

Athletes will suffer from very common injuries when playing sports. We will discuss these injuries in greater detail below.

What Types of Sports Related Injuries Can Benefit from a Sports Medicine Approach?

  • Sprains/strains – when it comes to acute sports injuries, occasionally bones can fracture. But more commonly, people will experience injuries to the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Overextension or acute twisting of a joint can normally lead to muscle and tendon tears. They are known as strains. When someone experiences tears in a ligament, this is known as sprains. These sprains and strains can be categorized as mild, moderate or severe.
  • Tendinitis – when an athlete trains too often, or overuses a particular joint or set of joints, they might experience disfunction or pain. When somebody suffers from overuse syndrome such as this, one of the most common injuries is known as tendinitis or tendinosis. This typically takes place in the shoulder or the rotator cuff, where the area becomes inflamed. Tennis elbow is another area where tendinitis occurs regularly. It’s sometimes known as golfers elbow as well.
  • Stress fractures – athletes might experience a stress fracture, which is otherwise known as a fatigue fracture. When this occurs, it normally happens because too much pressure is placed on a normal bone. A runner quickly increasing their speed could cause a fracture such as this. Shin splints are one of the most common stress fractures or micro fractures that you can experience.

How Will We Diagnose and Treat Sports Related Injuries?

Now that we know the most common sports related injuries, it’s important to understand how our sports medical team can diagnose and treat these conditions. They may seem painful now, but once the treatments begin the doctor will do everything to alleviate the pain and suffering by minimizing the negative symptoms.

Initially your doctor may order x-rays or an MRI to determine the severity of the injury. Once the severity and type of injury is known, recommendations and treatment can begin.

Rest is an important part of any treatment. Your injury will need to be immobilized and should generally stay in the same place for at least 48 hours. But it’s also known that the sooner a person becomes active after an injury, the quicker they are going to heal. So you do not want to sit around for too long or you could unintentionally prolong the healing process.

Joint manipulation has shown to be quite effective for pain reduction and rapid recovery. Getting chiropractic care not long after your injury helps to begin proper healing in this area.

Do not hesitate to see our sports medical team today. They will help you tremendously on your road to sports injury recovery.