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Support Your Health With These Breakfast Foods

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? It can be, at least if you eat the right things.

Fill up with pastries, bagels, and sugar cereals and you’ll do yourself more harm than good. But if you start your day with any of the foods below, you’ll reap real benefits!


Every health guru has their favorite. But whether you’re eating steel-cut oats, overnight oats, or Quaker instant oats, starting your morning with this traditional warm cereal is a great way to get your day going.

In addition to eating something which will make you feel full and happy, you’ll lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol. Just avoid flavored oatmeals, which will decrease some of the benefits by spiking your blood sugar.


Speaking of blood sugar, eggs are a great choice. Any protein is smart, as proteins even out your blood sugar while helping you feel full all the way through lunch.

Eggs are even good for speeding up your metabolism. And they’re packed with vitamins and minerals. And don’t worry. The idea that eggs are somehow dangerous has been thoroughly debunked by science. In fact, eggs can even help you prevent certain forms of cancer.


Fruit is a traditional breakfast food for a reason. First, it’s got a high water content, so it helps you get hydrate.

Second, just about every fruit you could possibly pick up is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Why not boost up your immune system and give your body many of the building blocks it needs to start your day?

Peanut Butter

Unsweetened, natural peanut butter is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to get your morning protein boost. In this, all nut butters offer the same benefits as eggs: a feeling of fullness and a way to even out your blood sugar.

Peanut butter is also packed with potassium and magnesium. Most Americans are deficient in both, so boosting yours before you leave for the day isn’t a bad idea at all.


No, they’re not just for lunch and dinner! Eating your vegetables is a fine way to start the day.

Some vegetables are just naturals for it, too. A spinach and feta cheese omelette can be a perfect way to start the day. And dumping some kale into a green smoothie means getting a fantastic nutrient boost.


Most people reach for coffee first thing in the morning, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But before you drink your morning joe, drink a glass of water first.

Most people get dehydrated in the night, which can mean leaving you open to fatigue, headaches, and all the other negative consequences of not having enough water. You should keep drinking it through the day, of course, but grabbing a glass of water is definitely the right way to start the day.

To your health!

Keeping yourself healthy and preventing dis-ease requires constant maintenance and conscious thought.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. With a list like this you should be able to design a breakfast that you love, all without sacrificing your health. So throw out those cocoa puffs! You’ve got time to grab apples and peanut butter or an egg on toast, and you’ll feel better for having done it.